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Our Sunday Services

We typically start are services with worship in the form of music.  We alternate between Bible studies and a preaching format, in no particular order.  Rather, we share the word of God as led by the Holy Spirit.  We may work our way through a book of the Bible or select a particular passage, depending upon the perceived need. 

We do not ask for an offering or have any expectation of receiving support.  If you want to provide an offering, you can quietly drop it in our offering box.

We would love to learn a little more about you.  We encourage you to click on "I'm New! in the menu above and fill out the "Connect With Us!" section of that page with as much information as you are comfortable providing.  Don't worry, you won't be called on, unless you ask us to to so where it says "Type your message here". If you don't have a Bible, we have complimentary Bibles that we hand out every week. 


What to expect

What should I wear?

At SVBC, everyone is welcome. You'll find our members wearing a variety of attire.  During the current pandemic, you will also find that we are wearing masks and otherwise taking all recommended precautions.  Some choose to wear more formal clothing, while others are happy wearing jeans and t-shirts. Most everyone tends to dress somewhere right in the middle, leaning towards business casual. 

We only ask that your clothing does not draw attention to yourself in any way. Our clothes should not be something that distracts others from their worship experience. 

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